Busot – Cuevas de Canelobre 

Another Busot crag, this time very handily located just above the entrance to this very well signposted tourist attraction, just a few minutes from the road (but resist the temptation to use the cuevas parking – they lock the gates at 16.50!)

The crag itself is clearly visible from the road, with the impressive through cave at the far left end giving some idea of the natural processes shaping the caverns beneath, but not being the home of any climbing yet. 

Plenty to go at elsewhere though, with about 50 routes mostly in the 5+ to 7b range on steep slabs / walls up to 40m high. Generally sharp incut holds rather than smearing, and no signs of polish yet. 

I did festival del canto (6b – soft touch) and Le Meur (6b – tougher) – both fun. Then had an epic but ultimately heart-breaking battle with… 

A 20m 6b+ (tougher still) with another 15m 7a+ extension up steeper yellow rock which is really challenging. Heart-breaking because after a couple of sections which seemed worthy of the grade in themselves I finally ground to a halt a few inches short of clipping the penultimate bolt before plummeting 😦 

More disappointment on Bajo El Mismo Sol which makes its way through the gap between the two central caves before will-sapping moves resulted in the first abandoned maillon of the trip. Oh well – a fine drive-by crag and easy to revisit sometime in the future. 

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