Sagres – Armacao Nova 

Sagres is the southwesterly tip of Europe (if that’s even a thing), but regardless of the arguments about points of the compass, it undeniably sticks out into the Atlantic and there ain’t much between it and America! It has a reputation for being windy and on today’s evidence it’s entirely justified – gusting to 50kph and bringing a chill down from the north. 

Not a day for “rap in and pull the rope” seacliff adventures, so we settled on Armacao Nova, and the “Parede Pequena” (little crag) at that. 

Given that the “Grande” involves a 60m abseil down a 15 degree overhanging wall, clipping into gear as you go to avoid ending up in the drink, and then with the prospect of at least a 7a+ to get out, I think we demonstrated good mountain judgement rather than lack of moral fibre! You can see the Grande sector at the middle of the picture below, directly above the sea and with the Pequena sector in the foreground.

Even the ​”little brother” packs quite a punch, with all the lines leaning by about 10 to 15 degrees, and the grade determined by how juggy (or not) the rock is. This is Helen on the good but tough Venha a nos nosso reino, 6a+

And here’s a strong local lass on Glaucoma, 7b

…and off it! 

Gorgeous spot, but perishingly cold. After four routes we went recceing for options for tomorrow… 

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