Siurana – Grau dels Masets – SunRock 2018 Day 1

Day 1 of the 2018 Rucksack Club SunRock Meet, and the “Sun” actually put in an appearance (for pretty much the first time in a week!). We also had a few early arrivals (Guy, Ken, John and John) so that was the “Meet” bit taken care of – all we needed was the “Rock”. Happily, that’s in almost limitless supply, so we settled on Siurana as the premier crag in the Prades (arguably in the whole of Spain) and chose Grau dels Masets as being sunny and away from the hordes (sunny Saturday at Siurana – it’s absolutely rammed).

It’s one of those puzzling top-down approaches, down an open ravine and through a channel in the rock giving access to about a hundred routes spread across three sectors. 

Busy when we arrived with mostly Spanish climbers (despite the dozens of German campervans parked in the valley)

We worked our way along the Carni sector, with L’Escola

and Famme Facil, 6a

…  being thoroughly enjoyable and El Show des Telenecos, 6a+ being something of a struggle 

As well as  failed efforts on a couple of 7as,before heading back to Xalet de Prades (our base for the week) to welcome the rest of the gang.

No major travel headaches to report (once a few Yorkshire dwellers had managed to cross the Pennines) and we shared an enjoyable meal with a couple of glasses of wine and a toast to absent friends. 

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