Beudy Birthday Bash

It’s the 70th Anniversary of the Rucksack Club’s acquisition of our Llanberis hut, Beudy Mawr, and there’s a major gathering to celebrate. For once, the weather gods are smiling and The Pass is bathed in glorious sunshine.

On the actual weekend of the opening, Peter Harding made the first ascent of Trilon on Carreg Wastad – a pretty impressive achievement, regardless of the original point of aid, given that it gets HVS 5b. Here’s the entry from the original hut logbook

Bill and I made an anniversary ascent, marvelling at the boldness of the Club’s forefathers.

The guidebook describes the crux as requiring “a fierce pull” and it certainly feels it!

Then back to Beudy for beers, banter

and a fabulous curry courtesy of Granville

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