Glen Lednock, Central Highlands

A decent forecast for Scotland for the next week had us packing the van and heading north. We fished out our “Scottish Sport” guide and settled on Glen Lednock (not a character from a soap opera) for a quick fly-by stopover; a 15 minute detour from the Stirling route to The Glens, and only a 5 minute approach.

It’s not much to look at (would have been better in the morning sunshine), and there aren’t even a dozen routes, but this 25m lump of schist offers a fun half day of pulling on some very steep territory. Luckily the generally huge holds make up for the steepness and Cauldron of Fire, 6a+, and The Deil, 6b,

… find their way through and around some fearsome looking roofs (the latter makes it into the somewhat arbitrary Scottish top 30). It’s in a lovely spot too

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