Run, Bike, Kayak – Questar triathlon, Cotswolds

A great day out in the Cotswolds for Team “Bros O” – Triathlon meets score mountain marathon at the Questar Cotswold Adventure Race.

With 5 hours to bike, run and paddle there’s plenty of opportunity to exhaust pretty much every muscle in the body – especially if, like me, you haven’t been on a bike for over a year.

Good tactics and navigation allied to Justin’s fitness and my doggedness meant that we didn’t disgrace ourselves, coming 9th out of 60 and covering about 50km and a couple of dozen checkpoints.

The weather was fabulous (a tad toasty for the level of exertion!) and we managed to avoid the greatest hazard of the event…

According to the event guidelines “There are swans on the river. They can be fierce and quite territorial so best to give them a wide berth and avoid getting too close.”


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