This one’s been on Jake’s to do list for quite a while, and with a few days window back from uni, The Pass is programmed in for the first stop of his mini trad tour.

The omens are good as we drive up from Nant Peris, past wall-to-wall parked cars and arrive beneath the Cromlech as a car pulls out of THE no. 1 parking spot, just next to the boulders. The usual lung-busting haul up to the base of the crag finds a team just about to start Resurrection, but that’s fine – we’d planned to warm up on Ivy Sepulchre anyway.

IS is the poor, forgotten easy extreme of the crag, put in the shade by The Corner and Gates, it obviously sees much less traffic. Whilst it doesn’t quite match those mega classics, it’s very worthwhile

We top out as the Resurrection leader is just finally plucking up the courage to make the crux run out sequence heading out left from the last of the gear at the top of the route. I think the biggest problem here (apart from the tricky moves and big fall potential) is that there are two alternatives: the original finish scuttles off leftwards at 6a (English technical grade) whilst the direct goes straight up (harder, at maybe 6b, but safer – it’s the way I chose when I did it ages ago, whimp!). It’s being caught in two minds which is sapping.

Jake cruised it, of course, and was almost done by the time the other team had rapped down – shame there are only bum-shots to capture it, but here goes

Any thoughts of an encore were dashed by the start of the drizzle and arrival of midges, but we’d made the best of an iffy day.

2 responses to “Resurrection

  1. Great route I went straight up when I did it in the mid 80s
    never thought about anything else I was so in the mind set so much so I started to lead it and at about 20ft I realised I’d no gear on . Right wall next? I misted out on that should have done it .

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