White Rose County / White Rock

After a taste of the gritty stuff we switched sides for a couple of days. Who’d believe it takes over an hour to get from Brimham to Malham? Not the Catwalk for us on this occasion, but Comb Hill – a fairly recently developed sports crag above the cove situated directly next to the Pennine Way. Easy access (15 mins from Malham Tarn parking) and westerly aspect with a dozen routes between 5c and 6c. Okay rather than awesome, but the chilly conditions probably didn’t help and we surrendered to the drizzle after 3 routes.

Drizzle turned to torrential rain overnight, with battering winds (made a night in the van feel like camping!) More of the same on Wednesday which looked like a write-off but the forecast said sunny from 2 and sure enough it was CTF on schedule.

Pot Scar sounded ideal: “Quick drying, sheltered and sunny (if you’re lucky)” – we were!

We started with the so called Top 50 route, Nirvana (VS), and found it disappointing, polished and hard,

but then did The Pusher (VS), Addiction (VS) Potholers proddle (E1) and LSD (E1) which got increasingly better as they got trickier (and perhaps less travelled). LSD was excellent!

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