Gone fixin’

After yesterday’s snafu, we at least knew where the actual start of NAW was (the other “unmistakable” triple cracks with a roof, about 50m right of SOD).

We’d also blown the dust off our aiding technique (after a 3 year gap) and we’re a bit more organised.

All that meant that we managed to get the first four pitches of the RIGHT ROUTE in the bag by late afternoon – these take you up as far as the huge roof you can see at the top of the photo below :

although that’s only 4 out of 27 they do represent the technical crux (all being C3ish) and we were pretty happy with progress. Back down to Camp 4 for beers, a fire and an improvised game of scrabble (the letters SNICKERS make for a somewhat limited vocabulary and I think we’ll need to work on a “travel version” if we’re going to play on the ledge!

A bit of packing and camp management tomorrow, some hauling then a leisurely couple of pitches should see us well and truly embarked on our journey across North America.

3 responses to “Gone fixin’

  1. Bonjour ça va ? Thanks for sharing pictures etc. Have fun sounds fab! Just off C2M. Big hug Isabelle

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