L’Albenc and into the Vercours

The Isere Valley marks the northern border of the Vercours national park and the river has sliced the end of this high plateau leaving towering limestone cliffs impressively lining its bank…. L’Albenc isn’t one of these. It sits on the side of the hill opposite, a partially quarried lump about 20m high.

However, it is VERY roadside, only a few minutes diversion from the main route into the Vercours, sunny and blessed with a couple of dozen easy (4s & 5s with a couple of token 6s) routes. It is therefore the perfect stop off for a travelling family with kids or a team with a member who has got a couple of broken ribs!

Handy topo at https://www.camptocamp.org/waypoints/165522/fr/l-albenc-les-roches-de-verdun

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