Aiguille Dibona

The Oisans region lies between the Vercours and the Ecrins and is home to some magnificent peaks. One of these: The Aiguille Dibona, must rank as one of the most aesthetic pieces of rock on the planet – it just screams “Climb me!” in much the same way as El Cap, Riglos or the Penyon – maybe more so…

Anyway, it’s a stiff couple of hours walk in to the exquisitely positioned refuge du Soreiller, and Helen did really well to haul an ailing body up there (and then only celebrated with an apple juice). Only a further 10 minutes to the start of the routes, but obviously not for us on this occasion. Definitely 12CB4 (One To Come Back For)!

Fabulous view of the alpen-glow on the top of the Ailefroid from the campsite…

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