Le Fayet, Grande Falaise

We’d been working towards a rest day, to coincide with the forecast monsoon which was supposed to hit today. This was downgraded to an overnight downpour, and even that failed to materialise. Helen sensibly stuck to the plan, and did a bit of soothing yoga, but the temptation of a sunny afternoon and a willing belay bunny was too much for my limited willpower, so we nipped down the valley to Le Fayet for a quick afternoon fix.

This looked a bit like a souped-up version of Servoz from the guidebook, so it was a bit of a disappointment to find quite a dusty, crumbly crag. Big though, and STEEP!

I warmed up on the appropriately named Brutus 6b/c depending which guide you read. Pumpy and somewhat disposable.

Then had a go at Overdose, a 20m 6c linking into a further 20m 7a extension. Made a decent job of the first pitch, and got halfway up the extension before grinding to a halt. Tons of rope drag and a stopper move in the broiling sun.

As if my little arms weren’t wasted enough, I then finished off with another 7a, Resurgence, on the left of the crag. Only about 20m, but very much the wrong side of vertical. I amazed myself by successfully negotiating the bouldery crux around 8m and made good progress through wickedly steep territory before running out of steam within sight of the lower-off. Bugger! Probably the best of the rock on this side – felt a bit less like Red Wall!

Here’s a crag view with the rope hanging 5m out from 20m on Resurgence.

Back to the campsite (Camping Deux Glacieres in Les Bossons – highly recommended) just as the sun dipped behind the poplars – fabulous views straight up to The Midi and Mt Blanc

3 responses to “Le Fayet, Grande Falaise

    • You must be psychic – we were there yesterday. We didn’t get to venture very far up the crag, with Helen’s broken ribs, and the slabby lower pitches didn’t so much “knock my socks off” as “kick my arse” 😉 I’ll definitely be back for the sock-knocking stuff on a future trip – looks awesome (and looks like you and Jon have had quite a bit to do with that)!

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