Roc Dément and Les Bossons boulders – rest day recce

A bit of a look back through the blog suggests I have climbed on each of the last 14 days – not necessarily caning it, but put boot to rock. You don’t need to be a sports scientist to suggest that it’s maybe time for a rest day…

The problem being, I’m not very good at doing nothing, and lack the imagination to do much but climb (especially with a dodgy achilees), so after a few chores and a couple of chapters of the latest Dan Brown, I tootled off to check out Roc Dément. It’s only about a mile from the campsite as the crow flies,

but a 15km drive. You park up at Parc Merlet, high above the Chamonix Valley and walk down a well cairned path for about 15 minutes. Here’s a wikiloc trail to help.

The crag is really impressive, despite only having a dozen or so routes – all 6b to 7b and around 30m

Great looking rock – definitely worth a return visit with a rope. The views from the approach are worth the effort alone – you can just about see our campsite in the lower centre of the shot below:

Still a while until beer o’clock, so a gentle stroll from the campsite brings me to Les Bossons bouldering area. A few hundred problems on 4m to 8m granite boulders starting only a couple of minutes from the parking area. Pretty, peaceful and shady spot.

Not really my thing, and I didn’t have a pad, but took my boots just in case. Then couldn’t resist…

Then it WAS beer o’clock, so we checked out the newly opened microbrewery in Les Houches, Le Solerey. Nice spot, friendly staff and a good vibe (though the beer isn’t a patch on The Harewood, and it’s more than twice the price!)

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