A week in The Peak

Back from Pembroke and Ogmore, what could be a greater contrast than a trip to Windgather?

We headed to this friendliest of Peak crags to catch up with Bill and his visiting American friend John, who together surely made the most senior team enjoying the splendid Easter Sunday, with a combined age of 167!

At the other end of the spectrum, the place was full of tiny tots at the start of their climbing careers – here’s a short showing both parts of the demographic…

… and one of Helen setting a bad example: “Mummy, why hasn’t that lady got a rope?”

Bank Holiday Monday and it’s cracking the flags again – more Palma than Peak. A gentle jog around my favourite loop over Kinder (Mill Hill, Sandy Hayes and back via the Shooting Cabin)

… sees me record a PW (Personal Worst!) but I’m pretty pleased just to get around on my first run since pranging my knee in Leonidio. I’ve never seen so many people out on Kinder, but not a single other runner

That heralds the end of “summer” just in time for the Wednesday Evening Rucksack Club meet – luckily the venue is New Mills Torrs, the perfect all-weather playground. Dry(ish) climbing on the viaduct and under the arches in the middle of a major thunder storm!

… and great to welcome along some new faces from MUMC: George and Rowan making light work of Alcove Crack on a first foray on tricky trad!

Friday’s forecast would normally prompt a shuffling down under the duvet, but that’s before you see what Saturday has planned, as Storm Hannah arrives. Jim is persuaded to form a YECTOYD visit to Harpur Hill. This post-apocalypse wasteland might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly very handy for a quick fix.

Four routes in the bag (mostly climbed in light drizzle)…

has the rat fed before “rain expected at 12:15” arrives bang on time. Well done Weather Underground!

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