Climbing Everest (at Stanage) – Inspired by Dave

I teamed up with the great and the good on Sunday to support the “summit push” on a fundraising event to “climb Everest” (or the equivalent height of routes on Stanage) to raise funds for local climber and mountain guide Dave Hollinger, paralysed by a brainstem stroke.

Climb the Hight of Everest Challenge

When I say “the great and the good” I mean it – there was a fantastic turnout at Stanage with enthusiastic kids and families clocking up the metres alongside some well-known faces. Great atmosphere and effort in a very worthwhile cause.

Stan and I set off on a soloing mission to maximise the yardage, and it was quite liberating to trundle along the crag, eyeballing lines without knowing names or grades, but guessing that they’d be within the comfort zone (I felt like a pioneer for the day). Amongst some old favourites (Hargreaves Original, Christmas Crack, Inverted V, Rugosity Wall etc) I discovered a few new (to me) gems (Balcony Buttress, Cave and Crack, and Twin Chimney Buttress are all classics!) and some more forgettable fodder. 50 routes in all and about 600m contributed to a grand total of around 11,000m – comfortably beyond the summit!

A few other pics:

Fabulous effort of organisation and mobilisation from Martin:

Of course the climbing is really only a sideshow – the important part of the event is to raise money to help support Dave’s brave battle to maximise his quality of life – Read Dave’s story here and please support at

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