Back in Blighty

Autumn is definitely showing signs of slipping into winter now we’re home, but a quick flick through our recent bookmarks on weather apps shows how rapid the transition of seasons is over the pond. It’s -8C overnight and snowing in The Gunks (about 10C a week or so ago) and Kamouraska (near Québec) will get 10cm of snow today and not get over -3C! We couldn’t really have lingered much longer on our NE America roadtrip.

Anyway, even amidst the damp and gloom, the British weather will sometimes throw you a scrap of a reprieve, and the trick is to make the most of it. Sunday dawned bright and despite a forecast of max 8C we made a dash for a bit of dry, sunny, sheltered rock. Moss Rake got the vote. We’d reccied this new venue earlier in the year and added it to the “winter suntraps” list

We weren’t disappointed

Here’s a Wikilok to help find it and you will find a topo at Gary’s excellent website Rake.htm?LMCL=yfdV8M

Here’s Helen on Crazy Daisy, 6a

The only problem with a crag in a hole in the ground is that it soon loses the sun – we managed half a dozen routes in the window between 11am and 2pm, by which time it had sunk beneath the horizon and it was starting to get chilly.

We’d passed Kinder on the way to the crag – magnificent in the sun, with its first dusting of snow set off against a bright blue sky. By the time we got home I figured that, with a quick turn around, I could just about squeeze in a dash around my favourite running route. A bit slippery on Mill Hill…

… and a good sprinkling of the white stuff on the Kinder Plateau…

… as a misty moonrise suggested I’d maybe cut it a bit fine.

But with rain forecast for the foreseeable future you’ve just got to make the best of whatever window you get!

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