Rocking, Running and Biking Around the Peak

Just in case you were worried by the ‘radio silence’ from Rock Around The World, here’s a quick update on the last month or so since we returned from The States.

After the glorious granite of our trip, the thought of pulling on plastic for the winter is a bit hard to stomach (though I’ve managed to keep to an early New Year resolution to boulder once a week), so any hint of a dry/climbable window has been seized upon.

A trip to Horseshoe with Dave served as a reminder that 5C is plenty warm enough if you are on sunny sheltered crag (almost shirtless!)… but brutal as soon as the sun dips behind the horizon!

The last day of November offered up another glorious but chilly day – too cold to contemplate belaying on top of a crag, but ‘perfect connies’ for a bit of grit bouldering. Ice in the puddles but amazing friction as Jake and I caught up with Andy and Dave on the Burbage boulders

Great light too, before the sun set!Not too many other climbing opportunities so I’ve been doing a bit of running, including… Glorious but absolutely freezing on Shelf Stones, Bleaklow:… and Moody on Kinder (and I don’t just mean Jim!)

Dropping down a gear, I’ve also had a couple of very sociable walks – with Nick, Yvonne, John, Kate, Kevin, Ellen-Ann, Jim and Claire around Buttermere:… and on the annual Rucksack Club pre-Christian Hot Pot walk:And if that wasn’t enough, the autumnal weather has even persuaded me to dust off the Mountain Bike and tag along with Dave, George and Paul through the bogs and bridleway of the local hills. Fab trip from Hayfield to Edale today – out via South Head and back via Edale Cross and around Kinder Low End, with just the push up Jacob’s Ladder and Paul’s loss of a pedal putting a dent in an otherwise grand day…

… And just in case you think I’m getting soft and should have been on the grit, I couldn’t actually feel my fingers in the above shot!

Anyway, normal RockAroundTheWorld service will be resumed next week – I’m off to Tenerife with Tash, Jake and Leah, equipped with a new ‘fresh off the press’ guidebook and plenty of pent-up enthusiasm. Watch this space!

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