Pedreiras – off the beaten track in Arrabida

The first dodgy forecast in ages saw us set out on a reconnaissance of Pedreiras, an Arrabida crag that didn’t make it into the Portugal guide. We found it on this great “click on a crag” map of the country:

There’s a topo here:

and very detailed approach description here (in Portuguese!):

This signs off with: “If you arrived here, following this true labyrinth, the most difficult thing is done, now you just have to chain paths together !!! Good luck.”

You can take some of the fun out of finding the crag, as we did, by using Google translate, or take the really easy option and follow our Wikiloc trail.

You can get to within about 10mins walk of the crag in a 4×4

– here are the parking coordinates: You’d want to stop sooner in a 2WD.

The obvious path brings you to “… the large concrete breast…” and for once, Google translate was spot on!

You are now less than a hundred metres from the descent path… Follow the path right of the “breast” for about 50m looking out for a cairn on the left and an ill-defined small path branching off leftwards. Follow this more or less directly to the clifftop where a surprisingly good path leads down leftwards to see the first bolts almost immediately. This is route 5 on the topo. Another 20 meters down the descent path you arrive here:

Hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a 10 to 20m high crag perched about 300m above the sea, with about 20 routes from V to 6c. Must be spectacular on a better day. There’s also a lower tier beneath this point with a few trickier routes.

It was a bit mizzly but we roped up for a token route

… actually great fun. Helen enjoyed it so much she led the adjacent corner.

If instead you’d headed rightwards at the cliff top you’d soon arrive at the top of routes 1 to 4 which look to be accessed by abseil (maybe). It was raining and the clag was in by then, but looked impressive.

One to come back to in better weather, now armed with the beta on the approach.

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