Running Like a Climber – A trip back into the RockAroundTheWorld archives

We’re approaching 6 weeks into lockdown and the lack of climbing is starting to tell. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I briefly rekindled my running career, only to “do too much, too soon” and tweak a knee. That prompted me to dust off the mountain bike (desperate times indeed!)

I’ve also been sorting through some computer archives as I’ve finally sacked my old recalcitrant laptop, and uploaded my back catalogue of Rucksack Club Journal articles onto the blog. Without much in the way of new RockAroundTheWorld activity, I figured I’d post the odd bit of archive material in the hope of relieving some of your lock-down boredom.

Here’s the first installment – Running Like a Climber, with three short tales of Big Days on the hill, covering a lot of ground both horizontally and vertically: Peak Hard Rock routes in a day, Eastern Edges Challenge and The Cuillin Ridge. You can download it here;

Running Like a Climber

If you enjoy that, then there’s a bunch more here:

Rucksack Club Journal articles

Enjoy – and stay safe!

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