Aosta round up – more rock than you can shake a stick at!

With so much climbing I’ve got into a bit of a “back-blog” so here’s a quick round up of the other crags we visited in the Aosta Valley:

Corno di Machaby

The best of the rest, and a great new development. Even the brand new guide has less than half of the routes at this stunning roadside crag. Visible from some distance

… but surprisingly hard to find as Google Maps thinks it’s on a footpath rather than a road (the locals we met seemed to think it was fine to ignore the “no entry without authorisation” signs). It really is ROADSIDE!

The trick is to follow signs for

We did a fab 6a immediately above the truck, and then a 4-pitch 6a to the summit of the pyramid

… Before checking out the steep stuff on the left hand side. There are some stunning 7s to come back for, but

… but Very Principe, 6b+/c was a good taster of what to expect.

Monte Carogne

Roadside crag with a reputation for needing “a certain degree of psychological application”.

I just did the eponymous Carogne, 6b, which was excellent and fairly well bolted, but no pushover. A bit too shady for my very patient belayer, and not a tranquil spot, so we headed up into the mountains to explore…

La Voella

This is in a very pretty spot, but not a great choice for a dull afternoon at 1300m. The crag itself is unimpressive on first sight, but what it lacks in height is made up for in unrelenting steepness!

Here’s me on Jamma, 6b


A newly developed crag above the village of the same name.

The approach description takes longer to read than to follow, but stick with it and it will get you to the crag!


Attractive South facing crag, not far from the road, but unfortunately in perma-shade from the big hills at this time of year – worth checking out earlier in the season.

Falesia de Flusey

Another new crag – this one is still “settling down” but has some striking lines on slightly more schisty rock. Another roadside crag that takes a bit of finding – you need to go an extra hairpin than the book says!


Unfairly described as “an overflow for Gruviera on busy days” this slabby wall gets plenty of sun and will really test your smearing skills.

Mixage, 5a, was no walk in the park so we sensibly left:

… for another day!

That’s about 15 crags in all in the Aosta Valley, but barely scratched the surface of the 140 described in the now-well-thumbed guide.

Plenty to come back for!

2 responses to “Aosta round up – more rock than you can shake a stick at!

  1. You may as well stay ver there till at least the spring .
    All the crags look good and varied and new crags poping up all over .
    Same down near us in France 2 great new crag in development.

    keith s

    • Our thinking exactly! We’ve just hopped over the hill into The Durance. Are you still in France? Might be after some recommendations from your new discoveries 🙂

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