And then there were 6 – Dave and Lins have joined the team to bring the complement up to the full “gang of 6”.

Sennen is a good option for sociable cragging, with non-tidal walk-in access (though with a bit of an awkward scramble down and some boulder hopping to move between sectors). It doesn’t get much sun before midday, and even then it’s only a handful of routes at the right hand Terrace Crack area that see the rays to start with. Here’s Dave, Lins and Jim on Hayloft

… and the classic view across to Land’s End…

… and the iconic lighthouse.

The routes further left are much better, once they come into the sun, with Monday Climb and Vertical Crack being excellent (and leaving a rap rope avoids the faff of the descent)

Here’s Helen topping out on the latter

Double Overhang is fab too.

All topped off with a pint at the Last Inn in England (or is it the First?) and a magnificent sunset.

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