Attermire Scar

Who’d have thought it – after dodging showers, high winds and general “belay jacket” weather for trips to Cornwall and Pembroke, we arrive home to a heatwave! Even more remarkable, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. Dire reports of gridlock in the Lakes and North Wales had us head-scratching until Attermire Scar fitted the bill for a sunny but breezy venue.

This was a repeat visit, almost exactly a year on from our first post-lockdown #1 visit (or “post-lockdown” as we would have naively termed it then!) and many of the routes had been recently bolted (hence names like Virus Vigilance and C19).

Plenty left to do though. Here’s Stan on Euryale, 6a+

Helen on Snakes Alive, 6a+

and on Abstinence, 6b

Stan on the appropriately named Lockdown, 6c

Me on the photogenic but desperate Distilled, 7a (should have been called Shutdown!)

… and with more success on the excellent Of Puppets and Puppeteers, 6c+

Fab spot for a chilled (but not chilly) day out, and only a couple of other teams to share the crag with on a scorching Bank Holiday Monday. Just the job!

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