Redovan Revisited – La Pancha and El Rut

La Pancha is a huge chunk of rock, dominating the skyline above Redovan. We’d visited once before to do one of 120m Vias Largas (multi-pitch adventures) and the new guide suggests there’s loads more to go at. You park next to a sports centre, which includes an outdoor climbing wall – presumably because of the dearth of nearby rock?!

They’ve put a lot of work into an immaculately signposted path…

There are some good Vs on the far right which have harder extensions. Here’s Helen on the first pitch of Quintin, which is no pushover in its own right and has a tough 6b extension.

I had a look at the 7a to the left but it was nails! Instead I did a couple of very good 6cs – Naranja a 40m orange extension more or less taking the skyline in the photo below (the climber is a local on Ibiza, a great looking 6b)

… and Recolecta, which turned out to be fairly easy for the grade (unlike most of the rest of the routes here!) Here’s Helen leading Toni, the 6a to its left.

One final 7a fling on Hurtado Pamies had me bailing onto the adjacent 6c – Termina-y-tor, which was actually pretty good. For someone who is allergic to 6cs, it’s good for me to be forced into climbing a few, and kept us occupied until sundown.

The new CB guide also details the climbing at the neighbouring sector of El Rut in print for the first time – one of our favourite “discoveries” of the last ten years or so (though there was always a handy topo on a sign on the approach). I’ve written quite a few posts about the excellent climbing on offer eg so here’s just a few pics from today’s trip and a list of routes as a reminder for future grey-pointing…

Rammed at El Rut – a crag full of local Saturday climbers. Scorchio!
All Day Green, 6a
Don’t you hate it when someone else is just starting up the route you’d planned to do…
I wasn’t about to argue though
All Night Brown, 6a
A German couple pulling the ropes on Cesar at the end of the day
Evening light on the centrepiece cave – I did Cerdos y Diamantes, 7a+, which skirts right of the upper cave before runout prickliness to the top of the crag for the full 40m adventure

Also did Michigan Seven, 7a, Sora, 6a, and Street Fighters, V

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