A culture break ìn Reus

The monsoon continues, and so desperate times call for desperate measures. We decide to download the Rough Guide to Spain (or “Rough Guess” as we have found to be a more accurate description) and go in search of a blast of culture.

The town of Reus looks like a good bet, and we start our visit with some tapas. The trusty staples of Patatas Barvas and Tomato and Mozarella salad are supplemented with more exotic additions of a raw cod salad, deep fried mini peppers and a whole cuttlefish (possibly an unemployed extra from Alien, but very tasty I’m told! )

Then we’re off for the high brow stuff at the Gaudi Museum. This turns out to be a brilliantly put together interactive exploration of the man’s life, inspirations, and most famous work – the Sagrada Famillia. Famed for taking design cues from natural forms (including the rock formations of the Serra de Montsant where we’ve been climbing for the last couple of weeks) it turns out that he also applied very rational engineering approaches, but just wasn’t constrained by straight lines.

He optimised the main structure of the SF by building an upside down scale model from string and weights, and used gravity to see how the loading flows through the frame. He also wasn’t hide bound with boring materials and colours, decorating exteriors with mosaics, pottery and flowers.


All in all, a very interesting if somewhat unlikely afternoon’s enjoyment.


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