More rain and another trip to Siurana saves the day

The weather gods delivered a major storm overnight – biblical rainfall served up with accompanying pyrotechnics of sheet lightning and crashing thunder. There was no way there would be any climbable rock for miles.

We geared up for a chilly walk around the foot of the valley crags, with the loose objective of taking a look at La Rambla, the legendary 9a+, and threw in the gear just in case.

Conditions were not entirely in line with “Sunny Spain” but we did manage a couple of excellent routes. Tashy then decided to boulder out the first couple of moves of La Rambla (see photo) but decided to leave any more exploration for the on-sight 🙂

Tempus fugit / time flies, and it was time to wish John a safe flight as he dashed back for a Still Stones gig in Widnes – oh for the life of the jet – setting rock star. Not the greatest weather, but a pretty decent haul of brilliant routes and a good warm up for SunRock in February. Thanks for the company.

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