Happy New Year!

We found ourselves at Kezban’s for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Great buffet of Turkish salada and dips followed by soup and a main course of lamb and rice. All very good and only a little let down by the profiteroles.

There was a really international gathering of climbers, with representation from Germany, Austria, France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Sweden, and a bunch of Slavs – not to mention a few Brits. Post dinner entertainment includes a few of the usual games – “how far can you reach with a bottle” and chair wrestling. We escaped to our beds shortly after midnight and a few token sparklers.

Big rain overnight, but the sun is out by the time we finish breakfast. Back to sector Sarkit Sag, this time on the right (big circular cave in picture). Warming up on the tufa – tastic 3 star 6b+ Saxafon pretty much burns me out for the rest of the day – that or our New Year’s Eve heroics had worn us out. Anyway 2015 didn’t start as well as 2014 finished, with me wimping out on a 7a and Jake not quite managing a couple of 7Cs. Further big rain arrived to prompt an early finish, and hopefully salvage some arms for tomorrow.

20150101_103458 20150101_122232 20150101_142301

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