Back in Blighty – a trip to Pen Trwyn

Not a bad time to be arriving back in Blighty – the daffodills are out in the garden and there have been a couple of weather windows to allow some climbing 🙂 The rope gun back from Uni and desperate to get some outside cragging in. Meanwhile I’ve knackered my calf (first running in almost 5 months – not stretching enough…. Should know better) so I’ve been on Belay Bunny duty with Jake.

2015-03-18 14.41.16 2015-03-18 10.53.27 2015-03-18 11.59.06 2015-03-18 14.40.47

Wednesday looked promising, provided we were prepared to head for the seaside and the always sunny Llandudno. A couple of warm-up routes on UPT whilst the tide went out saw Jake ticking off Contusion and Axle Attack (and me confirming that my calf really is buggered) then we head down to LPT for the main event. We enjoy a glorious sunny hour between the tide going out and the sun going behind the hill, then freeze in truly Arctic conditions. It doesn’t stop Jake managing to cover the ground on Muscle Beach (8a) in a couple of overlapping links on his second go; one he’ll be back for.

You’d have thought a Wednesday afternoon in March and you’d have LPT to yourself – it was absolutely mobbed. The whole of Llanberis’ finest were out for a day by the seaside. Caff getting close on an 8C+ and a bunch of other notables putting in good headway on numerous 8 somethings. Quite inspiring!

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