Birthday celebrations at Stoney

As if a Solar Eclipse, Super Moon and the Equinox weren’t enough to make Jake’s 19th Birthday a memorable event, how about a trip to Stoney? Remarkably the skies cleared (too late for eclipse gazing, but just in time for some sunny rock).


Still in Crocked Dad mode, after a warm-up on Armegeddon I reverted to Belay Bunny. First up for the Birthday celebrations was Circe – E56b but with a relatively shiny bolt taking some of the sting out of a tough cruxy bulge. Jake dispensed with the route in style, despite a puddle in the crux hold:


Then on to Our Father E46b with a fierce boulder problem start and another big stretch over the upper overlap. All despatched with good style:


Just time for Birthday Butties and we’re off home for tea and cake as the rain arrives.


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