Omis climbing

Enough about pirates – what about the climbing? Well, there’s loads of it, much of which is spread along the road which winds out of town up the Cetina gorge, offering “belay from the bumper” convenience. Heavily featured crozzly rock marks Planovo, the nearest sector to town and attracts the crowds and pushchair climbing brigade.


Alf in action


Mike’s masterclass

Whilst through the tunnel you get Vojan, a sector of smoother, cracked slabs and further still  Visoke pole, a tufa strewn wall.


Tufa toughie


Funny route name – great route!

The latter comes complete with the Croatian equivalent of ‘Tube Nurale’ at Seynes – two drainpipe tufas joining to make an overhanging chimney. This one is called ‘Kastracija ili masturbacija’ – and that certainly sums up some of the techniques required!

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