Oltre Finale – Sector Terminal

Speeding through mist across the “thigh” of Italy, we rejoin the coast at Genoa and then head onwards for Finale. Rather than the famous and historic crags of Finale Ligure (rumoured to be very polished, but we might take a shufty later in the week) we’re Focussing on Oltre Finale – literally “the other Finale”, an equally extensive but more recently developed series of about 70 crags inland to the northwest. Most of these are arranged along the length of Val Pennavaire and a couple of parallel valleys – deep and winding with dense deciduous wooded sides interspersed with impressive bits of rock.

There’s a couple of thousand routes to choose from with (from our sample of just 2 days so far) great rock, good bolting and well maintained access (though the parking can be a bit Italian! ).

Sector Terminal has heavily stratified rock giving long routes on crimps with the occasional tufa thrown in for amusement.





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