The mists have cleared and we’re into full blown heatwave. Big blue skies and temperatures in the high 20s mean we’re seeking shade. A quick perusal of the guide suggested Famiglia, a 5* East facing crag with a good mix of grades and only 10 minutes from the car. Arriving at the crag it’s like an early season trip down chedale, with dank dripping rock covered in lichen and gloop. Aargh, we retreat after an exploratory route confirmed it was as bad as it looked!

Salvation is just 15 mins walk downstream with the excellent Reunion. Quite how this awesome piece of rock only gets 4* is a mystery – it’s fab! Orange rock plastered with huge holds gives some impressive and improbable routes, including a trio of 7as that overhang almost 10m in just 18m of up!


To celebrate we head for beer at the climber’s bar in Cisano – bar Neva. We were delighted to find a tray of delicious anti pasti arriving, unbidden, with our beers. Focaccia, salami, olives and crouton canapés – if we’d been at Jamie’s Italian it would have been called a “plank” and cost £20. Here it’s free with a couple of beers for less than a fiver! We were so chuffed we rounded off with gelati and considered ourselves fed for the night.



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