Grotta dell’Edera

In need of a rest day we decided to explore the crags in Finale “proper”, though taking the gear just in case we got inspired. Another scorching day meant seeking shade, and I spotted an unusual option in Grotta dell’Edera. A few bits of info off the web suggested that this sector of Dementicata is contained INSIDE a cylindrical cave. Had to be worth a look.

After a bit of bush wacking we were unable to find the entry to the cave, but with a bit of lateral thinking we changed tactics and scrambled up to the top of the crag. Sure enough we found ourselves looking down through a window into a 20m diameter cylindrical cave, about 30m deep, with a couple of dozen bolted routes up the walls! Rapping in we were clearly entering one of those special climbing places – like the feeling you get abbing into the Leap for the first time. Awesome!


Looking up to the window in the roof. Climbers at top (me) and RHS

The climbing was excellent too – we did a couple of 6as and a 6b – perfect pocket pulling on vertical white walls which would be great routes anywhere, but simply stellar in this setting. There are a bunch of harder things to go back for, including some great tufa lines.

Saving the best bit to last, we made our way out by heading DOWNWARDS….


The way out….


Heading down. ..


In the entry cave


…and daylight at last!

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