Del and Marti’s Lilly Pad

The climbing here is great, but the really stellar attraction is the scene at the campground. Del and Marti have been welcoming climbers onto their patch of Tennessee paradise for around 17 years, having raised their kids here in a 12ft x 16ft log cabin ‘off the grid’.


The hospitality is outstanding and will soon be rounded off when Del finishes work on his microbrewery.


The evenings are spent around a communal campfire, with plenty of beer and tall tales accompanied by random songs on guitar and mandolin.


And all this for  $5 a night and a set of rules that you could fit on a postage stamp – all operated on an honour system.



One response to “Del and Marti’s Lilly Pad

  1. Brilliant Dom. Looks like you found a good ‘un. Worthy of post of or trip advisor but then it might get too popular!

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