The Obed – Wild and Scenic National River

We’re now in Tennessee, about an hour north of Knoxville, and climbing on Sandstone crags along the Obed and Clear Creek Rivers. Whilst generally not as high as the crags in The Red, nor as wildly featured, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Obed mixes in a bigger proportion of slopers into its giant pockets and also has more crimps and flakes, but its biggest defining characteristics are its roofs – and some of these are very big!



South Clear Creek is a 25 min walk from the campsite and offers the best combination of sun, access and ‘moderare’ classic routes. The Spawn, above, rating 5 stars.

It also features the 80ft roof of The Stephen King Library, where the classic Rage blasts out through an upside down world of jugs and permadraws. These pictures are of a strong local called Brian. I did reach this point, but nowhere near so stylishly!



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