Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Another 50 miles west along the ancient limestone reef that makes Guadeloupe Peak is another natural wonder – hidden from sight over 1,000ft underground. Carlsbad Caverns are internationally famous, but to be honest we only went because we were almost passing – we’ve got limestone show-caves 30 mins from home, right?

How wrong can you get?  The Caverns turned out to be literally the most breathtaking natural sight I’ve ever seen – and that includes the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Valley!

The natural entrance is reminiscent of Peak Cavern, but then takes you on a mile walk and down 1,000ft through a heavily decorated wonderland of twisting passageways and giant halls. These would fully justify the trip, but are only the warm up act.


This deposits you in “The Big Room” and for once this is no exaggeration! People always calibrate these things in football pitches – apparently you could fit 40 in here! There would be plenty of headroom too – up to 100m in places, and you explore it via a mile and a half walk around it’s perimeter. Awesome! The decorations are incredible, but it is the shear scale that is most impressive – something off a Star Wars filmset as you descend through the innards of the Death Star (they actually did film Journey to the Centre of the Earth here).




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