Organ Mountains

After Carlsbad we were chased out of Texas by 60mph winds and a cold front. Dust storms made driving quite harrowing  and the sight of  sheep-sized tumbleweed rolling across an 8 Lane interstate highway was quite spectacular.


A brief stop in El Paso and a peek over the border into Mexico helped break the journey before we headed back into New Mexico and trundled up into the foothills of the Organ Mountains and our campsite for the night. Any thoughts of star gazing were put on hold as drizzle turned to snow, and we woke to ice on the inside of the RV windows, and snow crusted “Rabbit Ears” peaks above us.


We wrote off our climbing plans for the day but decided to go and recce the crag anyway. A short drive around the mountain and the aptly named Sunny Side of the Lab Cueva sector encouraged us to reconsider.


Fabulous setting with the still frozen high peaks behind. ..

…but disappointing rock the texture and mechanical strength of Ryvita 😦


Still, we got a couple of routes done 🙂


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