Chulilla – and a great view from a toilet window

We’re staying at the rifugio in Chulilla and they’ve really done it up since we  last stayed here about 15 years ago. Lots of blond wood, stainless steel and glass. Also lots of very strong looking Slovenians mixed in with a variety of Slavs and Germans, a few locals and a couple of Brits. All very cosmopolitan.


Carlsberg don’t make toilets, but if they did the view from the toilet window would look something like this!

The rifugio is in a magnificent position overlooking the main gorge, with views across to the Pared De Enfrente.


The Rifugio

With a chilly wind blowing this looked like the best destination, and we joined the crowds at sector Las Lamentaciones.


A good start to the day, warming up on a tough 6b+ who’s roof had defeated me last February. Then more happy days as I managed my first 7a of the trip Sondaas – not even a soft touch 🙂

Jake made light work of a 7a+/b


… and I didn’t 😦  but gave it a decent shot.

Another 7b and a 7b + for Jake and an early finish to watch the sun go down, with the added rare bonus of listening to United win. Grand day!

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