Oasis – more climbing in the shade :-(

Chilly in Chulilla today – so where better to go than the shady Oasis sector; a north facing crag in a wind tunnel.


The base of the crag is covered in palm trees and sand, hence the name I guess.

In fairness, it is a stunning crag – a couple of km wide and about 80m high, and all vertical to gently overhanging. The “warm ups” are nails – just a handful of 6b/6b+ which receive a lot of traffic. They’re not much easier than the 7as.

…Anyway, a grand day all round. I managed a revenge ascent of Xevo 7a albeit a “Dad point” – grabbed a draw then thought better of it and pressed on. Also managed another very slippery 7a/+ Cap I Cula which is the first half of an awesome 7c that Jake stormed up.


Highlight for me was a decent effort at a 7b+ that Jake talked me into. Got all the moves with one fall and one rest.

Oh, and we also met a very funny looking dog….


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