All roads lead to Rome. ..

We’re on the road again, heading for Sicily  (via Rome, of course). It’s a couple of thousand miles to San Vito lo Capo near Palermo in Sicily, where we’re meeting a bunch of friends at the end of the month. First stop on the way is Oltre Finale on the Liguria cost.
After a couple of days driving, crossing the Swiss Alps in glorious sunshine, we were back in Albenga, only about 8 months since our last visit. The locals claim this is a year round climbing destination, and on the basis of 4 days of dry and often sunny weather you’d have to agree. Temps in the mid teens giving tshirt climbing when the sun is out but belay jacket conditions in the shade.
First stop was a return to sector Terminal, which was too hot in May.


A mix of slabs, walls and steep tufas provides something for everyone.


Wandering down from the crag you get a great view of Erborista – the North facing crag which resembles something from Malham.


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