Running in the Peak

If there’s one thing I miss when travelling, apart from friends and family of course, it’s running. I took my Inov8s to America but didn’t use them once – too busy climbing or driving, and the lack of a shower when wild camping would make life in the confined space of the campervan unbearable!

Back in Blighty it’s been mostly wind and rain, but a bright spell on Sunday gave a good incentive to get out on Kinder.


View over Kinder Reservoir

Fast forward a few days and the first hint of winter arrives for a wonderland wander around the Coombe


There could be worse places to be 🙂

One response to “Running in the Peak

  1. It must be a hard life! I often escape for a short lunchtime run but then have to spend most of my days at the desk thinking how awful it must be for all my friends who have changing scenery from a camper van window every week.

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