A Taste of Exposure!

Tuesday turned out to be much finer than forecast, and we made good use of the day with a multi-crag pick and mix.

Helen and I started with L’Arabe Dement, a two pitch offering on Les Dalles Grises, with the chance to savour some of the exposure away from the rim of the Gorge.


Next Jim and I did the top 4 pitches of the classic ULA. We’d planned to do the whole Fissures section of 6 pitches, but met a team coming up from the base, so did the decent thing and stayed out of their way. Down and up 4 pitches of 6a/b in about an hour and a half.




Cranking up the exposure a bit further, Helen and I then did Wide is Love. It only takes you 20m down into the Gorge but into quite exciting territory!


Finally, we rounded off the day with a route on sector Mirroir de Fou. Quite a day!

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