Sector Hulk and an adventure in the depths

There isn’t too much climbing in the Gorge that stays dry in the rain, but Sector Hulk on the north facing, South side of the Gorge is sheltered under huge roofs.

Half the fun is getting there. This involves a Tyrolean across a narrow part of the river, then some jungle bashing and some rusty ladders and frayed ropes – and that’s before you even reach the crag!

We arrived to find that the locals had also decided it would be the only place to climb today, but there was plenty of room for everyone and some friendly banter. 4 routes later and we set off on the return loop – more frayed ropes, a couple of long abs into the base of the Gorge, another Tyrolean  (now in lashing rain) and a retreat into the tunnels lead us back to a rendezvous with Jane and a dry car. A grand day out!

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