After managing to eke 3 days climbing from a very unpromising weather outlook, the rain finally arrived with a vengeance, prompting a retreat to lower altitude and further from the mountains. Chateauvert is the perfect place to weather a stormy period, as it also has the benefit of a huge capping roof over the main sector, providing an all weather umbrella.


There’s also a handy campsite in the small village of Correns a couple of miles away, though the usual climbing fraternity was boosted by a World Music Festival which made it a bit busy and sometimes very noisy  (sometimes foot tapping noisy, other times ear plugs noisy!)


No escaping the fact that the climbing is excellent – pockety rock, long pitches and a mix of grades for everyone.



Over four great days climbing I managed three 7as / + more than doubling the quota for the trip thus far.



No pics of me, but here are some other folks grappling with some of the best of the pockety steepness!

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