A bit of a weather window seemed to be hovering over Strasborg, to coincide with our homeward journey, so we decided to explore Klingenthal. This had been recommended by two separate teams we met on the outward Alsace visit – praising the great climbing. Promising. …. but it was in the context of Alsace!

It turns out to be a gritstone quarry, about 30m high in places, and with about 40 routes. Bolted, of course 🙂


It probably reflects our familiarisation with steep limestone, but the grades felt stiff – we might be in for a bit of a shock when we get home, especially when there aren’t any bolts.

This was supposed to be 5c/6a


And the classic of the crag was no pushover at 6b


But it was undoubtedly well worth the visit.


…especially as everywhere else was raining and the next stop is Rotterdam on route to Hull….

…never mind – only a week until Gogarth 🙂

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