Geoff’s Beudy Meet – Another classic!

Geoff’s Beudy Meet attracted a huge turnout – I counted at least 25, which must be something of a record! Geoff’s chilli was, by his own admission, “probably his finest yet!” …and the same could be said of the whole weekend.

The weather gods were fairly kind for Saturday and Sunday, but torrential rain earlier in the week made for damp conditions in the Pass. Nonetheless, teams were active on the Grochan and Wasted. Meanwhile, a splinter group headed for the Slate and guaranteed dry rock – not to mention a few bolts!




Back at the hut, a team of chefs were preparing a feast – the main dining table was overflowing. …


So the dregs were relegated to the front room 😦


Sunday’s weather was bright – certainly clearer than most of the heads of the assembled crew!

Thanks Geoff  (and Sue, from the veggies!)

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