Ablon – un petit peu de cragging

The Grand Beaux Temps were forecast to end in storms in the Val d’Arve and up into chamonix, and my toes weren’t fit for any more multipitch madness, so a short day’s cragging somewhere on the way back to Geneva airport seemed a good option. Bill had recommended Ablon on a number of previous occasions, and it seemed to fit the bill. “The best sports climbing crag in the Haute-Savoie”.


It is certainly in a gorgeous setting – above an alpine meadow, a stiff 45mins up into the hills at about 1600m. Still roasting though!

The rock is excellent – very compact and featureless when seen from a distance, but highly textured at a micro level. Very prickly holds and little evidence of traffic – the hike obviously deters the crowds. I was a little anxious, on arriving at the crag, to find a very strong looking Spanish youth finishing a route then checking the topo to find it was 5a.


We managed to maintain some pride and did three 6as, all excellent but steep and stiff at the grade – maybe that was a week of intense activities taking its toll.


Certainly another one to come back for….


With immaculate timing, the rain started to dash the windscreen as we turned into Geneva airport, and lightning flashed across the peaks in the distance. Very lucky to hit the weather window so neatly, and a great week of fun.

One response to “Ablon – un petit peu de cragging

  1. Hey, Bill I see in second photo you have bar tacked daisy chain. Be careful with that blighter. I’m sure you know they can come unzipped under certain circumstances. I bought two of the Metolius ones that have individual loops. Safer option.

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