La Balme – Vieux de la montage.

More like deux Vieux de la montagne – a very appropriate name. … l certainly felt like an old man of the mountains after this one. La Balme is almost roadside (attractive for sore legs) but lower and facing pretty much south – it turned into an oven in the 30C heat.


Vieux de la montagne takes the pillar, chimney and “slab” left of the huge roofs. Only 6 pitches, but the 6bs felt like 6cs, and the 6cs felt like 7as in the heat and polish. It all added up to a route too far, and turned into a fair bit of A0! My toes have never been so sore!





2 responses to “La Balme – Vieux de la montage.

  1. Nice one Bill and Dom. Sad that climate change is wreaking havoc in the alps (and everywhere else). That last photo of Bill dangling reminds me of the time he swung out on the haul bag on last pitch of Leaning Tower expecting me to haul him up – silly bugger.

    I’m taking Jack to Colorado in September to do the classic 3rd Flat Iron, his first big multi-pitch route so I chose an easy and spectacular one.And we’ll visit to Eldorado Canyon.

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