El Salmon 

Another fine day with temperatures into the high twenties revealed a minor imperfection in the climbing topography of this otherwise perfect valley, almost all of the crags face south west. Great when it is cooler, but sweltering today. Being too impatient to wait for the late afternoon shade we head up to El Salmon. 

Another very impressive crag, with an entry grade of 6b and stiff ones at that!

Every route we did here was 3* (actually true of all the crags we’ve been to) and in a gorgeous setting  (shame about the pylons).

El reverso is a fun tufa 

And Fissura de Tendon another testpiece with a stiff pull over a roof followed by a gnarly lay back crack that wouldn’t be out of place in the Peak.

We met a couple of very nice Chilean climbers and felt a bit guilty for sandbagging them by saying there were some 6as to go at 😦

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