Rumenes – it’s Tufa time!

Rumenes is the premier crag of the area, with a couple of slabby sectors complemented by some awesome Tufa terrain. 

It was cracking the flags when we arrived, and the only “warm ups” are on a very attractive slab. A guidebook typo led to me throwing myself at a very thin 6b+, without much success, before closer inspection led us to do the excellent Espolon Tina Turner at a more amenable, but still stiff 6a.

A couple more very fine slabby routes on sector Principiantes and it was time for some tufa wrangling on sector Chorreras. This is a seriously impressive wall of upside down land. Happily a German lad had kindly left the clips in the easiest route – Invocando de Onan, a stunning 7a, which was all the incentive I needed to give it a blast. Heel-hooks, knee-bars and even a bit of old fashioned back and footing, helped by a bit of cloud cover, got me up it 🙂

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