Cares Gorge 

We’d run out of shady crags and the forecast was “scorchio” again, so in desperation we decided to go for a walk. In fairness, we probably needed another rest day. The Cares Gorge is a deep cleft slicing its way through the Picos from Caine to Poncebos. Whilst not as spectacular as Verdon or El Chorro, it does have some pretty impressive scenery, and thanks to a very well maintained path it is very accessible. 

The walk is about 12km one way, and as the car journey is over 2 hours the only practical logistical approach is to walk there and back. Throw in a few hundred metres of ascent, and you’ve got a decent day on the hill.

There are some stunning crags along the way. 

…along with tunnels and precipitous drops.

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